Prep Transition Information

Starting school is an exciting time! Our aim is to provide Pre-Schoolers with positive school experiences through our transition program.

Transition Program – Kinder – Prep: 

Children enrolled in Prep at St Timothy’s are invited to attend an optional 10-12 week Orientation Program during  Term 3 & Term 4 (Friday 9-11) in the year prior to starting Prep (Foundation) as preparation for their first year at school.

This includes spending time with their Prep Classroom teacher and Specialist teachers (Drama, Music, Art, Mandarin, Physical Education & Science) in their Learning & Play Spaces and participating in a range of ‘Ready for School’  activities. They get to know their future Year 6 buddies. The children are visited by our Prep teacher at their kindergarten.


Transition program -Year 6-Secondary: Our year 6 children are prepared for secondary school in a number of ways. This includes sessions as part of the social skills program, having visits from the local secondary schools to speak to them about their experiences, visits from the co-ordinators from the secondary schools and attending orientation days at their college.


Each year current teachers formally sit down to handover relevant information for each child to their future class teacher.

Step Up days

Each year in late November, early December, we have STEP UP days. These days are designed to help the children comfortably move into the class with their teacher and peers for the following year.

Please contact us to book your child into the transition program.

Important Dates

St Timothy’s runs optional Orientation days throughout Term 3 & Term 4 2022

Term 3

Friday’s 9-11am

Aug 26th

September 2nd, 11th 16th

Term 4

October 22nd 29th

November 5th, 12th, 19th 26th

Open Days every day by appointment.

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